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Abandoned_64 tells the tragic story of an ambitious  developer team  being forced to abandon development of their N64 game.

Progress through the clearly unfinished levels by exploiting bugs and flaws that coincidentally became part of the game. 

Experience an intriguing mix of platforming challenges, brain teasers and narrative.

The game is aimed at players experienced in video games.

If you find some interesting ways to finish the game and you want to speedrun it, activate the timer in the main menu options.

CreditsSpecial thanks to Yassine Boutaouas for voice acting.


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awesome concept and fun to play! **SPOILERS** i got the same ending no matter if i spared or killed the serpent. not sure if that's supposed to happen, but cool game nonetheless. would love to see more!


Honestly one of my favorite games I've played in awhile, loved it!


I really enjoyed this! I want to replay majora's mask now lol 

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Wow, this game is super cool ->


im sorry but this is just a crow 64 rip off at least say that the game was inspired by crow 64 or something


yes because every N64 inspired game is a rip off to that... okay


I'm gonna be real with you here, I've never heard of crow 64 in my entire life until today.


Gave it a Lets Play, was able to beat it, though unsure just how much content in the game I missed and if I just had skipped most things or not and went straight to the end in decent time or not, was silly/interesting


I enjoyed the concept along with the meta-narrative. I liked the mystique of this game and am interested to see what you all put together next!

I made a YouTube video about this game and a few others where I discussed the story a bit and offer feedback.

Abandoned_64 starts at: 06:08


Really cool


Very inventive! I'd like to see more of this world and style! Seems it could go on a shelf right next to Crypt Worlds!

Liked the main character too

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cool vibe N64 ;d and so  CRAZY PUZZLE BUG ;D


It's always great to see an indie game being produced with inspiration from the N64 games. This one is amazing. Congratulations guys.